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Something New

Today,,,, after work I wanted to start a new fashion line demolished collection so I began with a jacket pattern first shown below.


I got some detail leather from joann fabrics my favorite place, to knowing I need a place to go (laughing to myself) but my really good friend bought me some Fux fur fabric. So I using that for the inside if the jacket, to give a good texture and a little warmth for the winter.


I sewin most of it today because I was so eager,,, I still have to make welt pockets and other assorts with the garment but here is what I’ve design so far in the pic collage


About La'Antonius Couture (193 Articles)
I'm the Head Designer of La'Antonius Couture fashion is my passion I've being designing for 4 yrs and sewing for 7, i grow up in Pontiac MI. a small town on the outskirts of Detroit MI. I am the middle child out of 3 children. My mother Margaret Kelly and father Michael York-el, my younger brother Gordon Grier and my older sister Betty Williams. I have other hobbies that I do is reading: Books to me use my imagination i love romance and love stories, books help me expanding my vocabulary. I love to sketch, i carry a drawing book with me any and everywhere I go you never know if you will might get and idea or a thought. My last and final love is VIDEO GAMERS I love them ok I'm not a true gamer like my brother, but i do play them they help keep me a child like mind to be happy and free.

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