La'Antonius Couture

New Year’s is coming

So I’ve been so busy with working and Christmas stuff so final got time to start designing my jacket for the New Years. So I started my pattern which It took a few hours


I cut my new pattern out with gold and leather fabric and I began sew around 10:30 pm I don’t know about you but I love sewing a night 😊✌️



And I got with the first step at 2:45 in the morning while I was watching Anime movies, which I truly love 😉😉 so today I began step 2 with the sewing most of my pieces, the front and the back an I design my sleeves to be twisted to add a more unique look to it


I will make sure I show the final design with the jacket what left is to sew the front panel and style it and take photoshoot this week in Chicago for you fashion family I hope I love it just as make me making it

About La'Antonius Couture (193 Articles)
I'm the Head Designer of La'Antonius Couture fashion is my passion I've being designing for 4 yrs and sewing for 7, i grow up in Pontiac MI. a small town on the outskirts of Detroit MI. I am the middle child out of 3 children. My mother Margaret Kelly and father Michael York-el, my younger brother Gordon Grier and my older sister Betty Williams. I have other hobbies that I do is reading: Books to me use my imagination i love romance and love stories, books help me expanding my vocabulary. I love to sketch, i carry a drawing book with me any and everywhere I go you never know if you will might get and idea or a thought. My last and final love is VIDEO GAMERS I love them ok I'm not a true gamer like my brother, but i do play them they help keep me a child like mind to be happy and free.

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