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Men’s Lookbook


Winter Time Lets dress to impress, these looks I’ve seen over the internet is really cool. Mixing colors show a great range of what you can pull off for the season, We going to go business from causal to out for the night look this will give an idea on what trends to start the year off great.

Night Out Look

As you see here a nice sport watch with different time designs with some black matte belt buckles boots very fashion forward, You cant go wrong with “all black”  really love how the boot look you can get something alike from (Forever21) Men area. Now for the sweater it’s nice and a little bulk not fitted it look like it have a weigh, loving the design of the patch elbows for more design .

watch2boots 1buttonup sweater










Causal Wear

I really enjoy with this look for the winter time, its some rust tones and earth tones of colors nothing out of the box, this is a relax style starting with the watch. From looking at this designer watch the number dials are really cool with the rusty look, what got my attention even more was the blue minute and hour hand, it gave a really hot design with this retro color very rich in the this style. Moving on the shoe’s these are suade earth tone with a short lace which it can bring a whole vibe to what you are wearing and to top it off a V-Neck sweater with the five buttons, with the pattern how the sweater was knitted love this look

watch3suadeV-neck sweater








Business Wear

Business doesn’t mean to wear suits all the time me personal I really don’t, but It’s all how you feel on what to wear so the gold and black watch very sleek look for your waist and with no numbers. Next to have your everyday wear of shoes are the slip on matte black dress shoe, very east to be in and out specially if your in a rush and I know about that and a cable sweater a beautiful pattern of the cables with a rich color of red an a turtle neck that I’m really enjoying.


sliponshoescableknit sweater












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